TeshiaArt Prints are available in many beautiful styles & sizes! Each Fine Art Print is professionally printed & packaged, then shipped right to your (or your preferred recipients') front door within 1 to 2 weeks!

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Each shopping page displays 12 images *Be sure to scroll down on widget to view ALL images on each page, then click on the next page to see more (there are over 100 images)*. Teshia's Prints are released periodically. If you do not find prints for the specific painting that you are looking for, prints of that piece may not be released yet. Please Contact Us if you would like further information on a specific piece.

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*Prints pictured above were all ordered from the TeshiaArt Print Shop (on this page)

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Print Style: Canvas Print  Size: Various sizes shown (all prints shown are large & over 36")  Frame: Black "CXCF5" Frame (basic canvas floater frame)  Canvas: Glossy Finish Canvas  Wrap: Gallery Wrap (mirrored sides)