Buffalo Warrior

Original Painting:

Original 48"x60" Acrylic on Canvas Painting - SOLD

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About this Piece:

Buffalo Warrior is one of those paintings that one truly must witness in person. He is painted on a very large 60" x 48" Gallery-Wrapped Canvas. The buffalo feels almost life-size, and as though he is standing stoically before you. They say that eyes are the windows to the soul, and when looking into this noble bull's eye, the viewer is almost transformed into a world of emotion, and the spirit of this majestic & historic animal. Buffalo Warrior was painted by Teshia with bold & vivid acrylic paints, and is embellished with beautiful gold & silver metallic accent paints throughout. He comes alive when hung under vibrant lighting, and is a truly unique & stunning piece of art.

Teshia was inspired to paint “Buffalo Warrior” after witnessing the pure majesty of these peaceful beasts in person. Living in Western Montana & on the brink of Yellowstone National Park has allowed Teshia the opportunity to study these animals & to adorn a deep appreciation for them. Several herds of these remarkable wild bison can still be found roaming the lands & rolling hills of the west, just as they have for centuries past.

These days, the western buffalo is a truly iconic symbol of the “Wild West”, & people come from near & far to see them in their natural habitat. These amazing creatures have lived the legacy of a past that astounds us all, from Native American tribes to Outlaws & Cowboys. Their spirits bind a past that is long gone with the “New West” of today. Buffalo Warrior is a symbol of that past, bridged with the future of us all. He stands as a noble warrior that bridges history with legacy, man with wildlife. He is…..Buffalo Warrior.