Donation Requests for Nonprofit & Charitable Organizations

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your charitable organization & donation request!

Teshia is passionate about "giving back" and has contributed to many charitable organizations, auctions, events & fundraisers throughout the years.

Although she would love to contribute to every wonderful charitable organization that asks for help, she now receives hundreds of requests from great organizations requesting art donations, event appearances, etc., each year. Understandably, it would be impossibly for her to contribute to every one....

However, we'd still love to help! This is what we can offer:

We are happy to offer approved organizations the most generous discount that we can on 1 Fine Art Print in the TeshiaArt Print Shop. The selected art print will then be shipped directly to the organization, at the address entered at checkout, within 1-2 weeks. The organization may then use the art piece as an auction item (or however they choose), retaining proceeds received from their sale of the art piece. *Please note that this is a privately offered, exclusive discount that applies ONLY to qualifying, approved organizations. Shipping can not be discounted, unfortunately.

Scenarios & factors to take into consideration:

This has been lucrative for many past organizations that have purchased a TeshiaArt Print (at our special charity discount) with a retail value that is fitting for their particular event (i.e. we do not recommend ordering an art print that retails in the TeshiaArt Print Shop for $1500 for an event with average items valuing $50, or vice versa). Please use discretion when deciding which art piece to purchase (you know your organization, audience, members, auction attendees, etc. best). After all, the goal is for your organization to profit from the art piece in the end! We are proud to offer this special discount to your organization in hopes that it will benefit it.

We understand that this donation method may not be fitting for every organization out there, and we are very sorry if it is not fitting for yours. We are sorry that we are not able to offer 100% donations to the many organizations that ask Teshia for assistance. We all wish we could! Hopefully this method will be of benefit to yours.

If you would like to take advantage of our special offer, then please follow these instructions: 

  1. Please select your organization's desired Fine Art Print from the TeshiaArt Print Shop

  2. Carefully choose your desired art print size, style, & all options from the menus shown, then "Add to Cart"

  3. On the next page, you will see a "Shopping Cart" summary, showing your print details, image & total price....

  4. Please screenshot this page, with all art details & price (click Here if you are unsure of how to screenshot)

  5. Please email an attachment of your screenshot, along with the organization's name, address & website to us at:

  6. Once we review & approve of your request, we will then email you a private, one-time use Discount Code.

  7. Once you receive this Discount Code, please enter it on the final checkout page, then place the order.

  8. All set! Your organization will receive its art print in approximately 1-2 weeks. We hope everyone loves it!

  9. Extra: If you would like us to mail you a small stack of 5"x8" glossy, colored, high quality info cards on Teshia & her artwork, then please let us know in your email, & we will mail them separately to the address stated (be sure to include organization's address in the email). These "rack cards" are often helpful to display alongside the art piece at an auction or event, so that viewers may learn more about Teshia & her artwork.

*For detailed information on each TeshiaArt Print Style & Option to choose from, please visit our About Prints page

Other Important Details (please read):

We do not currently offer limited-edition or signed prints. Please also note that shipping fees can not be discounted or waived, and that each art print must be shipped (even for "local" organizations), as each art print is individually produced, packaged & shipped by our World Class printing partners. Shipping time is approximately 1-2 weeks from the date of order - please allow plenty of time for shipping, especially for upcoming events, as each print takes time to be beautifully produced, packaged & shipped!

Thank You!

On behalf of Teshia & our team, we look forward to receiving your email, per the instructions above, & truly hope that this will be of benefit to your wonderful organization & it's cause! We appreciate your charitable work, & thank you for reaching out to us.

Hopefully we can all work together to fulfill Teshia's wishes of making the world a more colorful place, in addition to fulfilling the wishes of your organization & those to whom it benefits. :)


Live Life Colorfully!

~ The TeshiaArt Team