Grizzly Gaze

Original Painting:

Original 36"x48" Acrylic on Canvas Painting - SOLD

Fine Art Prints:

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About this Piece:

"Grizzly Gaze" is a new striking & alluring painting completed by Teshia. You can't help but to be drawn in by this probing Grizzly Bear's glare as he stares you right in the eyes.... Daring you to come near, while also curiously gazing at you, just as you curiously gaze right back at him. He is intrigued by what he sees, and desires to also draw intrigue from you, his current subject of interest....

"Grizzly Gaze" is another masterfully composed piece by Teshia; famous for the bold colors & vibrant energy that radiate from her contemporary paintings of Western Wildlife. She is inspired by the animals that inhabit the wild world around us, and desires to project a unique personality & attitude from each of her subjects, just as we all project our own unique personas & energy into the world around us.