Motley Moose

Original Painting:

Original 30"x48" Acrylic on Canvas Painting - SOLD

Fine Art Prints:

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About this Piece:

Motley Moose was created by Teshia after the immense popularity of her signature painting, Moose Drool, which has generated a collector & fan base around the world. Motley Moose encompasses the same wildly colorful & contemporary flair that Moose Drool exudes, while also symbolizing the diverse and unique beauty of these interesting creatures in their wild habitat. 
Moose are huge & majestic animals that are admired by many people around the globe. Teshia was first inspired to paint these reclusive wild animals after numerous firsthand experiences of watching them meander through the meadows of her own backyard in western Montana. They are dauntingly large and strangely beautiful. They are peaceful & mysterious--and yet at the same time--dominant and occasionally dangerous. For Teshia, Moose are fascinating North American animals that provoke allure & enchantment. They are often seen tromping through swampy marshes and wetlands.... And those who are lucky enough to see them in their wild habitat, may even catch them drooling from time to time. ;)