Night of the Grizzly

Original Painting:

Original 36"x48" Acrylic on Canvas Painting - SOLD

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About this Piece:

Night of the Grizzly is a striking & vivid Original TeshiaArt Acrylic Painting. It was created on a very large 36"x48" canvas, with painted mirror-image 1.5" gallery-wrap sides; thus, no frame is necessary & this piece is ready-to-hang. This is a beautiful & one-of-a-kind TeshiaArt painting, & one that is bursting with wild color & energy. Night of the Grizzly comes alive when hung under vibrant lighting, as the bright, bold, vivid colors against the deep black-night background makes this painting truly "pop" at its viewers.

Night of the Grizzly was painted by Teshia after the immense popularity of her most demanded painting, Moose Drool--known for its striking colors and unique contemporary/western pop-art style. Night of the Grizzly is finished with a high-gloss protective top-coat, giving it a brilliant eye-catching, color-enhancing, glossy look. This is a stunning painting that is bursting with color & energy. It is a piece that must be seen to be fully appreciated, as it truly "pops" for its viewers. It is sure to demand attention in any space.

Teshia was inspired to create this striking piece in honor of the Grizzly Bears that reside in the mountains around her home in Western Montana. She has always been awed by these large, powerful creatures & the excitement that surrounds them. Visitors come from around the world to see these Grizzlies in their natural environment & to experience the beauty, supremacy & majesty that they demand in their habitats. Night of the Grizzly epitomizes the captivating & spine-tingling energy that these bears radiate. He is beautiful, striking & captivating. He is bold & powerful. His eyes are full of curiosity & survival, while cautiously warning you not to come too close to his late-night, fresh catch. He is a symbol of the wild west & the incredible animals that thrive there. If you are fortunate enough to venture through this wild, rugged & beautiful area of the world, you just may experience....Night of the Grizzly.